Make Duplicates of Missing Parts - the Mold Making and Casting Way!

A beautiful antique table occupies pride of place in my drawing room. But one of its rear legs had developed cracks and finally gave way with age. While this definitely did not look good, I was loathe to discard the lovely table that always brings back so many of my childhood memories.

Finding a replacement leg was obviously not possible and get a custom replacement made on order did not seem worth the high price.

After much lament, I decided to put my polyurethanes mold making and casting skills to use and make a duplicate leg on my own. I began by carefully screwing out the other rear leg and then made a rubber mold of the same. This took some cautious preparation and I was always wary of not damaging the original leg in any manner. And I have to admit that the leg mold did capture the entire carving and engraving patterns down to the finest details.

My next task was to make a polyurethanes cast from the mold and the leg turned out to be an exact copy of the one that had given way. The shape, texture and patterns were precise but I wanted a wooden piece to match the look and color of the table.

An artist friend then introduced me to cold casting powders that can replicate the look of wood and we worked together to get the right finishing to match the other legs of the table.

And viola! Now no one can even say that a leg has been replaced from the lovely table!

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