Why Do We Need Latex Rubber?

Latex rubber is being used just about everywhere. This natural ingredient derived mainly from rubber trees is used for making balloons, chewing gums, gloves, band-aids, catheters, condoms, swimming caps, sporting goods, mattresses and skin tight clothing, to name a few. Now even synthetic versions of latex are being developed and used mostly in the tires and components industry.

Latex rubber plays a special role inthe art world. Liquid latex is made by combining latex with water and a bit of ammonia and enjoys great usage in mask making and special effects makeup (like natural looking wrinkles, scars and gashes).

Latex has a natural ability to shrink around any object and can therefore capture the finest details with great ease. This proves especially useful in reproducing anything by way of casts and molds. It works as a wonderful adhesive too.
Other things that work in favor of liquid latex is that it is durable, long lasting and one of the least expensive mold making materials. Therefore it is very commonly used for making latex molds for casting plaster, polyester resin or urethane parts. Thin skin latex products like masks and other props can be very effectively and easily made with liquid latex. The masks capture a realistic look and latex paints can be used to make them all the more believable.

In sum, latex rubber is a very versatile and useful product for artists and well as other industries!

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