EnvironMolds Website Ggets Even Better!

I always find the website of EnvironMolds, LLC (artmolds.com) very easy to use. I can easily find the products I am looking for and can also gain useful information like how to make two part molds or even how to cast a face.

So as usual I was accessing the company website in my browser and was simply amazed to find that EnvironMolds has completely revamped its website. The look and feel has become quite trendy and attractive as opposed to the slightly dated appearance earlier. And unbelievably, the user-friendliness has gone up by several notches too!

What I liked best is the ‘Shop by your Interest’ section. Here I can easily select the art application that interests me – from candle making, mask making, doll re-birthing, sculpting or life casting to antique restoration, garden art, paleontology, fossil preservation or ballistic supplies – and the website will immediately show me all kinds of products and supplies that I will need for that job.

For a more general use, you can also shop by departments like mold making supplies, casting supplies, art supplies, studio accessories and instructions. For instance, if you are looking for information on how to make two part molds, you can browse the instructions tab and choose from books, videos or even workshops that pertain to your subject.

Ordering an EnvironMolds product catalog is also easy as a special tab has been dedicated for it. A valuable Teachers’ Section is also in the works. Other helpful links further up the website’s functionality.
So, just visit the EnvironMolds website and you will be floored by both its appearance and the products on offer!

Reproduce Almost Anything

EnvironMolds proudly proclaims that it can help you ‘reproduce almost anything’! And the enormous repertoire of EnvironMolds’ art supplies more than amply backs up this tall claim. Indeed, the comprehensive product and equipment lineup encompass everything needed for any kind of art application – be it candle making, soap making, fake food making, culinary mold making, mask making, doll making, sculpting, cold metal casting, garage art and statuary making or life casting and body casting.
Additionally, the wide variety of supplies also lend themselves well for other advanced applications like special effects, antique restoration, ballistic testing, taxidermy, prosthetics, paleontology and fossil preservation.

And it’s not just professionals who can enjoy the huge range of products that are at their disposal. EnvironMolds even provides various instructional materials that can assist the amateur artists who wish to try their hand at any kind of art molding or casting. The website is replete with helpful tips and suggestions and every product also comes with useful guidelines attached. Then there are all-in-one kits for beginners that contain all the materials needed for creating beautiful, gallery-like pieces of art. Furthermore, EnvironMolds even compiles instructional books and videos for both the uninitiated and expert artists.
Going ahead, EnvironMolds’ catalog is not just limited to its in-house brand – ArtMolds. You will find a broad selection of other leading brands as well - Sculpture House, Mehron, Chavant, Robinair, BSN Medical, Alumlite and Skulduggery to name a few.
So, if you are interested in making a silicone mold, you will surely find a good variety of silicone rubbers along with a lot more!