Learn Latex Mold Making With Videos

Liquid latex rubber is one of the least expensive materials that a mold maker can choose. It is easy to use and also brings untold benefits in the form of durability, tenacity and resistance. Latex molds are highly suitable for architectural restorations, faux brick veneers, decorative garden ornaments and other statuary. They are equally appropriate for ornamental candle making, soap making and fine art reproductions. 

If you want to learn how to make a mold using latex rubber, EnvironMolds offers a two-part video series. In the first DVD, professional mold maker Michael Kryger takes you step by step through the basic process of latex mold making, one piece molds and shell molds. He also reveals his personal studio shortcuts and elaborates on different finishing techniques that will make your latex mold a success.

The second-part of the DVD set is dedicated to advanced latex mold making such as two-part and complex molds, creating a fool proof keying system and ornamental cement casting. 

You can purchase the DVDs individually at www.artmolds.com or buy them together at a discount offer of 25%. Carefully viewing both the videos and abiding by the instructions sets the stage for some wonderful latex molds and casts. 


Once you have perfected the art of latex mold making and casting, you can also move to making a latex mask or creating special effects for theatre/film. Wrinkles, scars or gashes – name it and you will be able to create the effects realistically. 

Different options in liquid latex mold rubber and casting rubber are also available on the EnvironMolds website.