Complete Mold Making With The Right Material

Sodium silicate is a multipurpose compound that is formed by the reaction of sodium carbonate along with the silicon dioxide in the molten form. The solution is used as a sealer, an adhesive, binder or deflocculant in cement, ceramics, lumber, textile, as well as automobiles.

Mainly the product is used in the manufacturing industry. The casting process involves pouring the molten metals in the sand molds. It is made with fine-grained sand which has been sieved with a hundred grade mesh.

Also familiar as water glass, the product is used in sand mold casting. All that you need to do is to apply a thin layer of the product between the two materials or on the surface and let it dry. The liquid will react under acidic conditions as well as form a hard glassy gel after drying.  It is a low-cost adhesive and for this, it is preferred by the artists.

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