Learn Life Casting with EnvironMolds’ Workshops

EnvironMolds is renowned around the world as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of top quality mold making and casting materials. In fact, the brand ArtMolds has become synonymous with studio quality products that are both user and environment safe and give excellent results as well.

But not many people may be aware that the man behind EnvironMolds, Ed McCormick is a celebrated life casting artist himself. And such is his dedication and enthusiasm for this art that he strives to spread it to everyone around him. Therefore, he does not confine EnvironMolds to just selling mold making and casting materials but also conducts educational workshops on a regular basis.

Ed McCormick himself helms many of these workshops and does not even hesitate to reveal his secret tricks and tips than help you in your own studio. Every participant comes away from the workshop with loads of practical knowledge. No book or even video can ever compete with this kind of immersive and educative hands-on experience!

These workshops are available on a variety of subjects like mold making, clay modeling, faux food making, finishing, life casting and so on. Many workshops are even conducted on weekends to add to your convenience. If you do not find a convenient timing or your subject of interest like say, how to make molds, you can always contact EnvironMolds and they will do their best to accommodate your requirements and provide a workshop to suit your needs.

Also visit this :  http://www.artmolds.com/mobile/