A Product for Every Application

EnvironMolds boldly claims to have a product for any and every type of mold making, casting and life casting application. I found this assertion very unbelievable because as a practicing artist I am aware of the sheer multiplicity of items needed for making even a single life cast, or even just a regular cast for that matter.

Therefore, I suspiciously perused the EnvironMolds website and I have to admit that I was feeling a bit staggered by the array of mold making and casting materials, supplies and equipment available for purchase.

Those who are looking for mold making supplies can opt for anything from alginates, moulage, wax or clay to polyurethane rubber, silicone rubber, thermoset rubber or liquid latex as they choose. The casting supplies section is equally varied with plaster, gypsum, latex, resin, plastisol and silicone on offer. Additionally, there are plaster bandages, fibers, fillers and even all-in-one molding, casting and also life casting kits.

EnvironMolds also stocks all kinds of accessories, tools and equipment like gloves, containers, spatulas, mixers, stands, vibrating tables and vacuum chambers as well as paints, makeup supplies, brushes and what not.

Coming to the finishing, it not just offers options in mounts and brass name plate to provide a professional touch to your life cast but also extends the facility to get your name plates engraved with your name and other accompanying details.

Now I have to admit, indeed there is everything for everyone!