Have You Checked Out the New Teachers Section Yet?

The ArtMolds website is renowned for providing access to an exhaustive range of mold making, casting and life casting products, supplies and equipment along with useful books, videos and workshops on everything to do with clay modeling, mold making and life casting.

To further expand its utility, the website has recently revamped its look and added a useful Teachers Section as well. This is especially useful for Visual Arts teachers and consists of the following sections:
  • The Lesson Plans section comprises of national standards based lesson plans that facilitate cross-curriculum learning by enabling teachers to combine art with other subjects like history, science, technology and social studies. It includes fun projects on encapsulation and preservation, paleontology, wizardry, Punk’d art and much more.
  •  There is a Students Kits section that provides school kits containing all the materials for a lesson plan and can easily suffice for up to 25 students.
  • A specially dedicated Teacher Discounts section offers an attractive 15% discount on the website prices. Teachers can even call EnvironMolds to seek assistance with their project ideas or lesson plans.
  • An interesting section on Project Ideas is in the works and will be active very soon. It will provide interesting ideas for clay modeling, casting and life casting that can be done by students in the classroom itself.
Quite useful, isn’t it!

Have You Checked Out the EnvironMolds Website Yet?

I have always admired the EnvironMolds website for both its ease of access as well as the humungous catalogue of art supplies. Indeed, the website provides you everything from mold making supplies, casting supplies and life casting kits to studio accessories, tools and equipment to varied books and videos on life casting.

Say you happen to be looking for polyurethanes; you will find a variety of offerings of both polyurethane rubbers and polyurethane resins on the EnvironMolds website. The products on offer include both the in-house brand ArtMolds as well as other leading brands in the market like Mehron, Chavant, Sculpture House and Skulduggery to name a few. ArtMolds offers a range of user safe, environment friendly and biodegradable products, so you need not worry about harming yourself, your model or the environment around you.

Again, when it comes to polyurethanes, you will gain access to information about the benefits of using mold making polyurethane rubber, the properties of polyurethane molds and other such details. Similarly, the casting polyurethane resin section provides information about the different varieties of resins available and their specific properties.

You just have to click on any of the items in the product list displayed at the bottom and it will give you further details about the specific product, its uses and directions for use. Product pictures and reviews are also included for additional assistance. You get access to the price of the product and can directly add it to your cart before browsing other items as you wish.

An easy and satisfying experience indeed!