Order a Product Catalog, If you Wish!

The ArtMolds website features a comprehensive collection of different kinds of mold making, casting and life casting products along with various art supplies, tools and equipment. 

But those artists who would like to keep the ArtMolds offerings more handy (when offline), the company also provides a printed catalog to complement its online offerings. There is a ‘Request our Catalog’ tab on the right hand side of the website and all you have to do is provide your email address to receive a copy. 

This physical catalog contains all the products that are on the website – right from various mold making and casting supplies to art supplies and studio accessories. Those who are interested in the instructional offerings can check out the list of books and videos that feature various titles like how to make a mold, hands and feet casting, fine figure finishing and so on.

Along with product list, the catalog provides short studio tricks and trips that are very useful for artists. It even features a ‘Use and Application’ chart about the various product categories and also recommends best applications of different products. 

But it is still better to keep checking back on the website as it will provide you with more detailed information about the products, like its description, method of preparation and application, examples of use, reviews, safety precautions and the like. 
Moreover, the catalog offerings are also constantly expanding as EnvironMolds keeps adding many new and useful items to its already extensive collection.

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