Capturing Tiny Memories of a Baby with Life Casting

A little one will not be so little for very long. The best way to capture the baby’s moments is to seal them in a life cast. Casts of a baby’s hands, feet or even the bottom will make for a lovely memory.

A child is a baby for hardly any time. The initial months and years may be frenzied, but very soon the time will seem to have flown away. Before the parents realize, the baby has grown into a toddler and will bloom into a young boy or girl. The parents find themselves longing to cling on to these precious moments even as they delight in watching their offspring grow into mature and independent adults.

Photographs and videos can never do justice when a parent wants to really ‘hold on to’ a quickly growing child. How about a life cast of the baby with a brass name plate instead?

Indeed, life casts of a newborn or infant’s hands and feet are very popular keepsakes among the new parents of today. Even the baby’s cute bottom can be captured in a naughty life cast. These make for a wonderful memory of the baby that will be cherished forever. The baby life casts can also be gifted to a grandparent or other close family member as an emotionally powerful keepsake of the little one.

Making the Baby Cast

Capturing a body mold of the baby is a simple and straightforward process. It works easily with newborns as they cannot move or fidget at all. The mold can be made while the baby is asleep itself.

Experienced life casting artists can work with infants and toddlers too. The body mold doesn’t take long to set and all it takes is holding the child in place for some time to keep him or her from squirming.

The parents need not worry about the material affecting the child’s soft and sensitive skin either. Alginate is a natural, organic material that is derived from seaweed and is totally safe for the skin. The artist will still do a patch test first to check for any reaction on the skin.

The alginate paste is first applied over the body part to be cast and then the mold is reinforced with plaster bandages. It sets fairly quickly and can be demolded easily. The artist will first apply petroleum jelly on the skin to ensure an easy removal.

Once the mold is cured, the life cast is usually made with plaster. It is even possible to make a fake metal or stone life cast using cold casting powders. The finished cast can be framed and finished with name plates engraved with the name of the baby, the date and so on.

In fact, it is even possible to go a step up with a parent and child casting. Hands intertwined or overlapping each other or joined together in prayer – there are numerous options and the only limit is your imagination!

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