CastRite Art Casting Stone For Plaster Casts

A wide variety of plaster powders are available in the market – each with their own functions and properties. Choosing the right option for making a cast becomes difficult for novice artists.

The art world is choc-a-bloc with varied materials for making molds and casts. The choice ranges from simple clay, wax and plaster to more sophisticated options like resins, latex rubbers, silicone rubbers and more. Even when it comes to using plaster, mold makers and casting artists are often flummoxed whether they should use regular plaster of Paris or the more refined casting stone powders available in art stores.

Well, fact of the matter is that generic plaster tends to be chalky and fails to hold details well. Casts made from this powder will be prone to chipping and cracking too. On the other hand, casting stone powders are made with gypsum that is especially heat treated to make it suitable for fine art casting.

CastRite Art Casting Stone is a top quality, high definition casting stone powder offered by EnvironMolds. It is a popular material of choice for making art castings of all types. It is easy to work with, gives a natural bright white finish, holds finishes well and is extremely durable.

The CastRite powder is a highly dense formula that is suitable for making casts from alginate, resin and silicone molds. It can be cast into plaster bandages as well. Apart from casts, it is also commonly used for making shell molds for latex slip castings and backup flexible molds. At times, fiberglass fiber is added to the mold powder for additional strength.

How to use?

Take 2 equal parts of CastRite Art Casting Stone powder and 1 part of water by volume. First pour the water into a mixing container and then add the casting stone powder very slowly. Mix with a stirring stick while scraping the sides and bottom of the container till the mixture becomes thick and creamy. The material is ready for pouring into the mold for making the cast. This formula inherently has minimum air bubbles; even these can be eliminated by rotating the mold slowly in all directions.

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