Vacuum Pump and Chambers For Your Art Studio

Mold making and casting will usually require a vacuum chamber and pump for eliminating trapped air from the material. Otherwise the air will end up marring your artwork and make it look unsightly.

Resins and rubbers are the most commonly used materials for making molds and casts. They are easy to use, capture details well and prove to be durable as well. However, the chief issue with using these materials is their propensity to trap air easily. This ends up as wart like indentations that create hideous surface defects on the finished castings.

The best way to eliminate the air bubbles is to use a vacuum pump with vacuum chamber. All you have to do is mix the resin or rubber and place it in the vacuum chamber. The vacuum pump will use pressure to pull out the air from the chamber and create a deep vacuum inside.

Therefore, this equipment makes a perfect addition to a mold maker or casting artist’s studio. The EnvironMolds website provides a range of studio equipment including vacuum pumps and chambers. The ArtMolds vacuum chamber with pump is very popular among artists because of its low cost, professional grade quality and safety. The chamber has a 4 gallon capacity while the pump can pull up to 29 inches of mercury (Hg) at sea level, which is ideal for deairing pot life resins and silicones. The vacuum pump and chamber can be bought together or separately as well.

Apart from this, you also have the option of RotoKinetic vacuum chambers that are available in three different sizes – 1.25 gallons, 2 gallons and 5 gallons. They come with a built in solid state vacuum pump and require only an external compressed air supply. Alternatively, you can also order the vacuum chamber without the pump - a vent valve will be supplied with shutoff valve.

Similarly, the website also offers other vacuum pumps like USG Two-Stage 3 CFM Vacuum Pump, Robinair 6 CFM Vacuum Pump and Venturi type compressed air vacuum pump. All of them work well with the ArtMolds vacuum chamber.

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