EnvironMolds to The Rescue of Novice Artists

If you have no clue about which material to use for making a mold, cast or life cast, the EnvironMolds choose by Applications feature will suggest suitable products for various types of artworks.

EnvironMolds has consistently emerged as a leading provider of all kinds of art materials, supplies, tools and equipment for mold making, casting and life casting. Over the past 20 years, the company has incessantly expanded its product range to embrace various top brands apart from the in-house ArtMolds. In the zeal to assist artists in every way possible, they also provide access to instructional articles, videos and books on various topics related to these arts.

The user-friendly website Artmolds.com is the doorway to a plethora of products. It covers almost everything that any artist can ever require. Now, veteran mold makers and life casting artists can easily find the products they need from the range of materials listed under the associated tabs.

However, what about the novice artists or those who want to try their hand at mold making or life casting? How will they know which materials they should choose, let alone which product will be best suitable for a project?

EnvironMolds seeks to solve this dilemma for the beginners who are not certain about which product will be appropriate for their work. They can click on Applications that will open up various application groups along with product suggestions for the same.

The vast list of categories covers various art forms – from art casting, cold casting, culinary mold making, mask making, sculpture reproduction, body casting and life casting to antique restoration, garage models, fossil preservation, doll reborning, ballistic supplies and more. A click on the category you are interested in will provide a list of associated products along with helpful instructional videos on topics related to that art.

Along with this, there is also a handy Product Application chart that lists the various ArtMolds products along with their properties and various applications of the same. You can crosscheck to understand the features of your chosen products as well as the other uses of the same.

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