The Experience of Life Casting

Far from being an agonizing or unpleasant experience, getting a life cast done can actually turn out to be quite easy and even enjoyable! Why not open yourself up to this soothing pleasure once?

The beautiful art of life casting opens up a novel avenue of getting a three dimensional likeness of yourself. You can choose any part of your body and the life cast will reproduce the exact surface features in all their glory.

However, many people still hesitate to get a life cast done. They despair that they will find it intolerable when the life casting artist actually makes a mold on their body. While hands and feet are considered acceptable, getting the gooey mold making material on their face or torso can seem quite awful at first. They are also nervous about having to hold a stationary pose for the body mold making process.

The Reality is Different!

Once you go in for a life cast, you will be surprised to find that body casting is not a distressing experience at all! It actually feels like a gentle massage when the artist applies the mold making alginate or silicone rubber on your body. On the face, it is akin to a soft facial.

Being enclosed in the warm mold making material while it sets can truly be quite soothing. The body feels loose and relaxed.

And holding the same pose will not really be very difficult. Firstly, the artist will ensure that you are totally comfortable in the chosen position. He will provide supports if needed and also instruct you on how to breathe calmly. You will discuss signals in case of any distress.

Staying quiet and still in the same pose for an extended time can further relax the body. You will enter a tranquil state of meditation and may even fall asleep during the process.

Little wonder that models that are frequently hired for regular body casting eagerly look forward to this serene experience!

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