Cleaning a Clay Mold

There are different clays and it’s quite easy to work with them. Cleaning your clay mold is also a simple process. Just don’t make the mistake of soaking the clay in water as this will damage the mold!

Clay is a simple and versatile material that has become the modeling material of choice for all kinds of people. Children enjoy playing with regular water-based clay which becomes hard when exposed to air. On the other hand, there is plasticine clay that stays moist no matter how many times it is used.

Then there are oil-based clays, sulfur-free clays, pottery clays and even self-hardening clays. Some clay comes in different colors and even varying degrees of hardness. These are used by different artists depending on the type of artwork and other preferences.

One of the common uses of clay is making molds for casting projects. It is malleable and can be easily shaped over the object to create a negative impression mold. The mold can stay soft and reusable or become hard depending on the type of clay used. Different materials can be cast in a clay mold like plaster, resin, rubbers, etc.

Once the clay mold is ready, you will want to clean and finish it before proceeding to the casting end of things. Casting artists usually wash their molds with water or even soak them for a while to get rid of the excess mold making material, release agent, etc.

However, you should take care never to wash or soak a clay mold. This can cause the mold to break, crack or just reduce the life of the mold.

If you want to clean it, just wipe it with a wet cloth, sponge or soft toothbrush. Else, spray a fine mist on the mold before wiping it off. In fact, try to do the cleaning soon after demolding from the model as cleaning dried clay becomes more difficult. The same process can be followed for cleaning the mold after the casting is done.

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