Never Use Plaster on the Skin

Most people believe that plaster can be used for making molds from the human body. So much so that, some art stores even tout plaster as the perfect material for making body molds for life casting.

However, fact is that plaster should never be applied directly on the body. This is because the plaster mix generates heat as it dries and can often cause burns on the skin. And once set, the plaster becomes rigid making it difficult to remove from the body. It can get snagged in the fine hair causing pain when ripped. Some people even report that the weight of the plaster is such that it can deform the face!
On the other hand, alginate is a natural material that is safe for the skin and even captures the details very well. It only has to be reinforced with plaster bandages so that the mold retains its shape. Alginate body molds are light and can be removed easily without harming the skin. Some petroleum jelly can be applied on the skin to allow for even easier demolding from facial or body hair. 

It should be noted that while plaster is a strict no-no, plaster bandages can still be used directly on the body also to make form molds, such as in belly casting. Applying release agent is imperative when making a mold.
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