Why Use Plasticine Clay?

Plasticine clay lends itself especially well for mold making and casting works and is preferred by professional sculptors as well. And yet, many people confuse plasticine clay with regular modeling clay.
The confusion is actually justified as plasticine feels just like any other putty clay. However, what makes plasticine so popular is that it is an oil based clay that will never ever dry or harden, no matter how long it is left out in the open.
As Plasticine stays flexible, you don’t have to worry about the mold becoming hard or cracking either. And you can simply reuse the same clay after the casting is done. In case needed, the clay can even be warmed to make it soft and usable once again.
Plasticine comes in different degrees of hardness to suit varying applications - sculpting, mask making, mold making, special effects and so on. The soft variety is popularly used in animation and the harder ones are suited for industrial modeling. Automobile designers prefer to design their prototypes using this clay and the same is also used in claymation to design different movable characters.

And EnvironMolds - the popular online store for all kinds of art supplies - stocks various types of clays. EnvironMolds offers regular clay, plastilina clay and even sulfur-free variants that will not inhibit the setting of silicone mold rubbers.

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