Easy Fixes for Minor Life Casting Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. And most mistakes can be fixed. However, when it comes to taking molds from the human body and making a life cast, I always thought that there is no scope for blunders.

No matter how carefully I applied the alginate on my model, demolded the mold from the body and made a plaster casting, something always went wrong and I had to start all over again. My mistakes were proving very costly and also chipped away at my passion for life casting.

It was only recently when I came across some instructional material from EnvironMolds that I realized that many of my mistakes can actually be corrected! Accomplished life casting practitioner, instructor and author, Ed McCormick assures all readers that most beginners will tend to make mistakes during the mold making, casting and life casting processes.

He offers various studio tips and tricks for both fixing small errors as well as avoiding blunders in the future. He even provides his hotline and toll-free numbers where he is available for direct one-on-one assistance for any kinds of issues.

Ed McCormick reassures that mistakes are normal even for experienced artists and drives that the lapses should not deter us and we should continue to practice the art with confidence and take pleasure in our completed works.

So don’t fret over those tiny mistakes….. After all we are only human!

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