Why I particularly Like Silicone Rubber!

Of all the mold making materials, I really like silicone mold rubber for my mold making and casting works. Silicone rubber is definitely a very versatile material as it can be used to reproduce almost anything.

The molds come out very detailed as silicone is primed to capture the minutest of details in full clarity. They are flexible and can be used as you wish. Apart from being easy and safe to use, silicone rubber molds turn out to be quite long lasting. You can continue to use the same mold for reproducing casts again and again which kind of puts paid to the higher cost of silicone rubber.

What’s more, the same silicone rubber compound can double up for both mold making and casting works. Indeed, the same silicone can be used for making casts as easily as for molds! However, the only point is that as silicone does not stick to anything apart from itself, I do not prefer to make silicone molds and casts of the same object!

Of all the varied silicone mold rubbers available in the market, my particular favorite is the Five Minute Molding Putty offered by the house of EnvironMolds. The product stands up to its name as I can make a traditional silicone mold or cast very quickly and easily, that too without using a box. I use it often for making quick impressions and also for food molds as it complies with FDA standards.

Enjoy mold making and casting!

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