Nothing but Top Quality at EnvironMolds!

EnvironMolds manufactures top quality and user safe materials for all kinds of mold making and casting requirements. Apart from the in-house brand ArtMolds, EnvironMolds also stocks other top like DAL of Barcelona, Mehron, Chavant, Sculpture House and Skullduggery.

It boasts of a vast catalog of artists’ materials that range from alginate, moulage, clay, wax, plaster, gypsum and ceramic supplies to polyurethane rubber, silicone rubber, liquid latex rubber, thermoset mold rubber and cold casting powders. These products are suitable for making both one and two part molds, casts and life casts as well.

And you need not worry while making two part molds or even applying a life casting product on a live model as EnvironMolds takes utmost care to manufacture user safe materials at all times. So they will be safe for you as well as for your model – be it a vase, a figurine or even a living person! But you will definitely need to adhere to the requisite precautions as prescribed.

Furthermore, many of ArtMolds products are environment friendly and biodegradable as well. So there is no need to worry that the waste product left from your mold making and casting endeavors will harm the ecosystem around you in any manner!

When it comes to the price factor, there is again no cause for worry as quality comes at the most affordable cost here!

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