10% Discount to All New Customers

Both professional and amateur artists across the world regularly flock to the ArtMolds EnvironMolds website (www.artmolds.com) for all their mold making and casting needs. The fine quality products, supplies and tools produced and supplied by ArtMolds EnvironMolds range from alginate, clay, polyurethane rubber, silicone rubber and latex rubber to brushes, gloves, mixers, vibrating tables, paints, makeup supplies, mounts and name plates. And theseThese quality items always occupy pride of place in the art studios of numerous mold makers, casting artists, life casting artists, sculptors, ceramicists and even special effects technicians.

But for those artists who have just recently heard about EnvironMolds or are hesitant to try out a new supplier, EnvironMolds offers a tempting 10% discount to further sweeten the deal. Indeed, there is a flat 10% discount for all new customers.

So, as a new customer you can order anything – be it plaster, polyurethane resin, silicone rubber, cold casting powder, fibers, fillers, release agents, containers, life casting kits, books, videos, vacuum chamber or engraved name plates – and avail a direct 10% off on your first order.
All that you need to do is provide the coupon code available on the website and your shopping cart value will instantly be reduced by 10%. And in the rare case that there is any problem, you can always call EnvironMolds and they will ensure that the discount is applied on your order!

Go ahead and order right now at www.artmolds.com!
Also check this one : artmolds.com/mobile/

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