Adding a Name Plate to Life Casts gives a Perfect Gallery Finish!

I often get this lingering feeling that the most beautiful and detailed of my life casts end up looking incomplete! I am unable to pinpoint the reason but despite my exhaustive work on every bust and even full body cast, there is something unfinished in their appearance. What is it that is lacking and that which is keeping them from having an attractive and refined persona, I keep wondering?

But it was only when I was browsing the ArtMolds website the other day, when I finally realized what was missing! ArtMolds provides a range of top quality mold making and casting products and equipment, and I have been purchasing all my requirements from the company’s retailer in my city.

While checking out the casting supplies section, I happened to chance upon the presentation options offered by the comprehensive website. It then dawned on me that a base mounts and name plate is the final finish that is imperative for almost any life cast.

A mount serves as a base to display the life cast and you can choose from marble, wood or acrylic options to enhance your art work. And don’t forget the final touch with brass name plates engraved with your name, title of the life cast and even the date if you wish.

This elegant finish will impart a finished look to my life cast and make it fit for hanging in a top art gallery!

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