Why You Should Only Use Studio Quality Materials

In my quest to become a top life caster, I started learning the art of mold making and casting. In the process, I used different kinds of mold making and casting products and equipment. Indeed I have tried using everything from alginate and moulage to clays and waxes to polyurethanes and silicones to latex and resins to even sand casting and cold casting powders.

And after experimenting with different brands of products – from the cheap ones to the budget friendly variety to the more expensive lot – I have personally realized that using good quality mold making and casting materials matters a lot. This is because substandard products often produce more air bubbles and even more molding gaps and tears. Moreover, many a times, good quality mold making materials tend to capture more details – especially the finer details – than the lower grade varieties available.

And my experience reveals that when it comes to studio quality mold making and casting materials, it cannot get better than ArtMolds! Indeed, coming from the house of EnvironMolds, LLC, this brand offers a complete line of top quality materials. Apart from the assurance of superior quality, all the products are user safe as well as environment friendly to boot.

Therefore from now on, when making molds, casts and even life casts, ArtMolds’ mold making and casting products are my insurance against material failure!

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