Challenges of Life Casting over Regular Casting

Life casting has the same basic premise as mold making and casting – make a mold of the model before casting into it. However, the fact that a living person is involved makes all the difference here!

Mold making and casting are wonderful forms of art that have practical uses as well. They involve different materials and techniques with the end result giving a very rewarding feeling to the artist.

However, when it comes to a passion for trying something new and feeling proud of the artistic creation, nothing can beat a life casting!

Life casting takes off from mold making and casting itself. However, the challenge lies in working on the live human body! Indeed, life casting involves making a three-dimensional representation of the body part of a person. Here, its not just about getting an accurate negative mold for making a perfect casting. The artist has to make a mold of the model’s hands, feet, face or other part of the body without causing them any harm or even discomfort.

This brings a lot of new dimensions into the picture that have to be handled with infinite care and attention. For instance, mold makers will be careful about not damaging the master they are working on. However, just in case things go wrong, the fallout will not be as severe. Yet, can a life casting artist afford to hurt the model in any manner?

To continue in the same vein, a porous master is sealed with a sealing agent. The mold making material can be applied on it in a random fashion and can be left on it to cure for an extended time as well. The master can be washed and cleaned as desired after demolding the mold. However, there is usually no problem if it is rendered unusable in the future.

The same is obviously not the case with life casting. The model’s body cannot be sealed in any manner. The mold making material ha to be chosen with care. It should not only be safe for the skin but should also set quickly as the model cannot be expected to tolerate the application for a long time.

What about the material snagging in the facial or body hair of the model? What if it gets into the eyes, nose or ears? How long will the model be able to stay stationary and maintain the pose? And how will the residue wash off from the body once the body mold has been demolded?

The challenges are real indeed, but this brings its own thrill to the proceedings. At the end of the day, the satisfaction of creating a lifelike representation of a person remains unparalleled!

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