Choosing a Life Casting Artist Made Easy

Understand what goes into making a body mold before commissioning a life casting artist for the job. This will ensure best results that you will enjoy forever instead of it becoming a waste of time and money.

Life casting opens up a wonderful medium of preserving a memory of yourself or a loved one, much better than a simple photograph or painting. The three-dimensional reproduction can become commemorative too!

In fact, it is possible to make a life cast of any part of the body, or even the entire body at one go. Some of the life casts preferred by most people include pair of hands, pair of feet, face, torso, pregnant belly, breasts and so on. Hands and feet are most popular with babies while many people prefer to get a life cast of holding something memorable in their hand or intertwined hands with a partner, child or even friends.

Life casting is fun and can prove to be a novel experience as well. However, there are certain factors to be kept in mind while getting a life casting done: Such as:

  • The procedure of making a body mold may look simple; but it requires a lot of considerations and care. It is advisable not to attempt to make a mold of yourself. For starters, it will be difficult to maintain the pose while applying the mold material on yourself. Instead, make molds of friends or at least ask a friend to help when working on yourself.
  • Life casting should always be done by a professional. There is a risk of burns, suffocation and even exposure to dangerous chemicals. Everything has to be done carefully with complete knowledge and requisite precautions. Choosing the right artist with the appropriate skill and varied experience is imperative.
  • The choice of materials also matters here to avoid dangers and harm to the body. The artist should use the right materials and always opt for good quality ones to ensure complete safety of the model at all times.
  • Check the interactions and comfort level with the life casting artist. He/she should prep the model vis-à-vis what goes into the body casting procedure, how to hold the pose, how much time it will take, possible discomfort and warning signs, etc. Ensuring complete comfort of the model throughout the process is also necessary.
  • The artist should offer options in the casting material, types of finish, mounting and so on.
  • Life casting is an expensive art and clarifying the price and other aspects beforehand is also crucial.
  • People looking to get a life cast should check out the previous works of the artist and pay close attention to the variety in the creations apart from clarity of detailing, finish and so on.

In sum, paying heed to the above pointers when choosing a life casting artist will ensure the process enfolds smoothly and the output proves to be satisfactory! Otherwise it may just become a colossal waste of time and money, not to mention the potential of harm.

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