Release Agent for Life Casting

 Mold making and casting requires the use of a release agent for proper demolding. MoldEZ Hair and Mold Release is used for the demolding of body molds and it proves handy for other functions too.

A mold maker or casting artist needs a lot of supplies and tools to make their art come alive. Apart from the regular items, there are a few tricks up their sleeve which ensure that the mold or cast turns out perfect.


For instance, the mold maker will deair the resins and rubbers in a pressure pot or vacuum chamber to ensure that the mold is bubble-free. Similarly, a casting artist will use specialized paints and dyes to color the resins and rubbers to eliminate the chances of cracking or chipping later on.

Another system that these artists follow is using a release agent before making the mold or cast. This is basically a lubricant which creates a slip effect and prevents the possibility of the material fusing to the model or mold. This in turn ensures easy demolding without any unnecessary stretching or tearing. It is basically akin to greasing a pan prior to baking so as to allow easy removal of the food without any sticking. This also fulfills a dual purpose as the release agent can seal the surface of porous materials.

Likewise, even life casting artists apply a mold release on the human body so that the body mold will come off easily without snagging in the fine body hair.

It follows that the type of release agent will have to vary depending on the usage. After all, a release that is suitable for metal may create an adverse reaction when applied on plastic and vice versa. This is why release agents are specially formulated for different materials so that they don’t impact the model or mold in any manner.

The life casting artist has to be particularly careful when working on the human body – specialized release agents like MoldEZ Hair and Mold Release or simple petroleum jelly works best!

Applying the release agent

Most release agents come in cans and can be sprayed or brushed on the surface to be molded or cast. Spraying is considered better as it will create a smooth finish. Brush marks can end up reproduced on the mold or cast and look quite unbecoming. Ensuring an even coat in the specified thickness is also essential.

MoldEZ Hair and Mold Release comes as a cream formulation that can be applied on the skin. It is usually preferred for the hair as the cream can be worked in easily and then combed to create a uniform effect. It will also wash out easily the first time itself. On the other hand, petroleum jelly can make the hair greasy and will not wash off easily either.

The same material also works well for filling in any pin holes in the body mold before proceeding to the casting stage. Some artists also apply this release agent on the edges of the alginate mold to bond it with the plaster shell mold.

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