Preparing for Making a Life Casting

There’s a lot that goes into making a life casting. The procedures and materials may vary, but the artist will always need to prepare his studio and pay particular attention to the model’s well-being.

There are many different ways of making a body mold for life casting – some artists use alginate, some prefer skin-safe silicone rubber, while some simply use plaster bandages to capture the shape and size of the abdomen or torso. Even the life cast can be made in plaster or even with resin for cold casting to replicate the look of stone or metal.

It goes without saying that every life cast is a beautiful work of art and it should be appropriately finished with a brass name plate. This name plate will announce the name of the artwork and the artist along with other details like date of creation.

When starting with the life casting, the artist needs to prepare the place and the model for what lies ahead. It is better to protect the floor with plastic sheets or other covering. Keep hand towels handy. All the required materials and supplies should be kept ready to avoid undue delay while making the body mold. The studio should not be too cold or too warm either. There should be bathing facilities so that the model can wash off the residue once the mold is removed.

In a similar vein, the artist should brief the model about what lies ahead. Discuss the pose and practice it beforehand to ensure proper comfort. Props and supports can be provided if needed. Emphasize the need to stay calm and stationary while the work is in progress. Explain the process so that the model is aware of what will happen.

Finally, the artist should work carefully and without taking too much time over the process.

Life casting artists can procure all the required materials, tools and supplies – like alginate, plaster of Paris bandages, mixers, spatulas, rasps and even name plates engraved – from the EnvironMolds website, They also provide instructional materials, workshops and personal guidance, as needed.

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