Varied Types of Clay at EnvironMolds

EnvironMolds opens the doors to a wide range of plasticine and ceramic clays to suit varied uses. The options range from Roma Plastilina and Del Milano to pottery clay and include ballistic clay too.

Clay is an important art material that is used by mold makers, sculptors, potters and other artists in many ways. Plasticine clay is especially popular for its non-drying and reusable properties. It displays good flexibility and adhesive properties and is regularly used for mold making, mask making, sculpting, special effects and clay animation.

The EnvironMolds website ( offers a complete range of molding clay to suit varied uses and budgets. The premium grade Roma Plastilina clay is available in varying degrees of hardness – soft, medium and hard - to suit different applications. Del Milano is a budget option, yet on par with Roma Plastilina in terms of quality. This is a non-sulfurated variant that comes in handy for silicone and urethane rubber mold makers as it will not inhibit the setting of these materials.

The industrial grade Chavant clay is also sulfur-free and is available in brown and gray-green colors. The unique feature of this clay is that it can even be melted and poured like other casting materials! Once it returns to room temperature, it will set by regaining the initial firmness.

In addition to this, regular pottery clay – from Dresden and Artware – is available too. These are suitable for ceramic works and prove to be quite adaptable. These clays set to a smooth, brilliant white finish while Stoneware clay is a moist option that turns bone hard when allowed to dry.

Apart from this, there is another variant of molding clay called ballistic clay. Surprisingly, this clay is considered to be of similar density and elasticity as live animal muscle tissue. Therefore, it is used by government agencies to test body armor and even in forensics. In fact, the Roma Plastilina No. 1 ballistic clay is specified by government agencies for ballistics testing.

Therefore, all kinds of clay modeling options can easily be sourced from EnvironMolds, that too at the best prices.

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