Why You Need A Secondary Mold?

A mold that accurately reproduces the shape and details of a model can be used for rubber or resin casting, as needed. In fact, depending on the type of mold and the casting process used, a mold can be used over and over to make multiple casts of the same object.

casting resin types

However, every mold comes with a finite use life. It may end up deformed, tarnished or even cracked and broken after repetitive use. Would you then go back to making a mold of the object all over again? In case of a life cast, does it make sense to go to the trouble of making a body mold again and again? 

Anticipating such scenarios, experienced mold makers prefer to make a secondary mold before starting the casting itself. This copy can be used to continue with the casting even when the original one is spoiled or damaged. Moreover, it is possible to vary the material for making the secondary mold – like choosing polyurethanes or rubbers - thus extending the life of temporary alginate molds and the like.

Secondary molds bring another benefit into play. If the original mold has minor faults like bubbles, wrinkles or spots, the secondary mold opens up the possibility of correcting the flaws by improvising on the original piece. In fact, a mold maker can make one secondary mold after another till all the defects are corrected and the mold becomes perfect in every sense.

Therefore, mold makers are always advised to make a secondary mold just to be on the safe side at least.

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