Animatronics By Way of Life Casting

Life casting has become very popular as more and more people want realistic three-dimensional representations of their face, hands baby bump and even the whole body. But did you know that life casting is not limited to say, making a body mold and cast of someone’s torso before putting a brass name plate beneath it?

Life casting enjoys great patronage in other fields, especially so in animatronics. We don’t realize it when we see it on screen, but the looming dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, the gigantic sharks in Jaws and the fictional aliens in ET are all courtesy some exceptional life casting. In fact, many of the babies, dummies and robots we see in movies owe their existence to life casting.

The artist first creates a 3-D model from the sketch before building molds and life casts from the same. The model is carefully finished and given a life-like appearance with flexible skin, facial features and other body parts. Electronic and mechanical components are incorporated to make the figure perform as desired. The movements are controlled by machine and filmed on camera to create some spellbinding celluloid moments.

Various materials go into fabricating the robotic devices. For instance, it requires alginate for making the molds, plaster bandages for reinforcing the molds, silicone or latex for simulating the skin surface in the final cast and specialized paints for the finishing.

All these items and other tools can be easily sourced from EnvironMolds also provides customized brass name plates engraved if you are looking to make regular life casts of your family and friends.

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